Technology Partners

Technology Partners


ST Engineering iDirect is a global leader in satellite communications (satcom) providing technology and solutions that enable its customers to expand their business, differentiate their services and optimize their satcom networks. The product portfolio, branded under the names iDirect and Newtec, represents the highest standards in performance, efficiency and reliability, making it possible for its customers to deliver the best satcom connectivity experience anywhere in the world.


Comtech is a leading provider of innovative products, systems and services for advanced communications solutions. With more than 50 years of proud history in technology innovation and product quality, our cutting-edge satellite communications solutions are deployed globally to support governments and commercial users on mission critical applications. The high-performance and flexibility of our satellite networking and network optimization systems, meet the unique demands of service providers, satellite operators, mobile backhaul, mobility and enterprise customers.


Kymeta is unlocking the potential of broadband satellite connectivity, combined with cellular networks, to satisfy the overwhelming demand for comms on the move and making mobile global. Kymeta’s satellite connectivity solutions offer unique, complete, and turnkey bundled solutions that make connecting easy – for any vehicle, vessel, aircraft, or fixed platform.


ETL design and manufacture professional Radio Frequency (RF) distribution equipment for Satellite Ground Stations and other Microwave users. The product range covers DC-40GHz and includes 19” rack systems: L-Band Switch Matrix /Routers, RF over Fibre links, Switches, Splitters/Dividers, Combiners and Amplifiers.


Norsat’s products and services include customizable microwave components, portable satellite systems, maritime solutions, remote network solutions, and RF antenna products.


Nisshinbo Micro Devices is a BUC/LNB leading manufacturer of Ka-/Ku-/C-band for VSAT applications. 

NISD is continuously contributing to improving the reliability of VSAT systems by providing high-quality components that offer stable, failure-free performance even when used over a long period of time. NISD is the brand repeatedly selected by manufacturers determined to create highly reliable products.


Advanced Microwave Components is an AS9100 certified manufacturer of waveguide components for the communications and satellite industries. AMC has been in business for 31 years.

Advanced Microwave Components produce a wide variety of waveguide and waveguide components for commercial, military, and government use including transitions, twistable flexible waveguide, bends & twists, high and low power terminations, coaxial adapters, rotary joints, custom assemblies, and of course our patented Quick release flanges.


Kratos designs and manufactures antennas systems for all sizes, frequencies and orbits that meet the high performance, accuracy and reliability needs of demanding satellite tracking applications and mission-critical uplink and downlink applications, including full motion antennas to serve NGSO satellites. The broad product portfolio includes transportable and fixed earth station antennas, radar antennas for air traffic control and weather applications, High-Frequency (HF) and specialty antennas for government, military, broadcasters and integrators worldwide.


CPI’s Satcom & Antenna Technologies business focuses on antenna systems, radomes and composite structures used in the transmission and reception of microwave signals for radar, communications and scientific applications.

CPI SAT has extensive expertise in design, integration, installation and commissioning of full turn-key ground system solutions with a history in manufacturing some of the world’s most advanced antenna systems and structures for the defense, scientific and communications markets. CPI SAT also has a deep product portfolio that includes earth station, VSAT, common data link, telemetry, mobile and flyaway antennas, as well as antenna controllers, monitor and control systems, antenna feeds, transit cases and more.


Established in 1985, HUAXIN ANTENNA is a professional private antenna manufacturer in China, which is specialized in all series of Satellite Earth Station Antennas, Carbon Fiber Antennas and Customized Antennas with all series antenna from 0.35m to 16.0m.


Antesky Science Technology Inc. is one of professional manufacturers of satellite communication antennas and accessories in China. We can offer large satellite dish, VSAT antenna, TVRO antenna, portable flyaway antenna, vehicle-mount antenna and relevant control and tracking system and other accessories with high-quality and high-guaranteed after-sale service. Customized antennas are available as well.


Terrasat Communications designs and manufactures innovative RF solutions for Satellite Communications systems. Our ground-breaking IBUC – the Intelligent Block Upconverter – brings advanced features and performance to C-band, X-band, Ku-band and Ka-band satellite earth terminals and VSAT’s. Our products offer exceptional value at a reasonable cost, thereby allowing our customers to stay ahead of their competitors.


Advantech Wireless Technologies designs and manufactures high-power amplifiers, SSPAs, block-up converters (SSPB), frequency converters, etc., for broadband connectivity, broadcast solutions, video contribution and distribution and mobile backhaul, using satellite and terrestrial wireless technologies. Our revolutionary technologies include world-leading GaN and GaAs technology. With corporate offices in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and Brazil. Advantech Wireless’ reach extends around the globe.


RADWIN is the global provider of broadband wireless solutions that deliver blazing-fast broadband with unparalleled reliability. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, RADWIN’s solutions are equipped with powerful OSS tools that support all operational aspects of the network lifecycle and enable operation in the toughest conditions including interference and nLOS. Deployed in over 170 countries, RADWIN’s solutions power applications including backhaul, access, private network connectivity, and broadband on the move for rail and metro trains.


SES operates the world’s only multi-orbit constellation of satellites offering global coverage combined with high performance. By leveraging an intelligent, cloud-enabled network, SES delivers high-quality connectivity solutions anywhere (land, sea, and air). SES is a trusted partner to the world’s leading telecommunications companies, mobile network operators, governments, connectivity and cloud service providers, broadcasters, video platform operators and content owners.


As the foundational architects of satellite technology, Intelsat operates the world’s most trusted satellite telecom network. We apply our unparalleled expertise and global scale to connect people, businesses, and communities, no matter how difficult the challenge. Intelsat is building the future of global communications with the world’s first hybrid, multi-orbit, software-defined 5G network designed for simple, seamless, and secure coverage precisely when and where our customers most need it.


C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. is a pioneer and world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of transportable and mobile satellite-based antenna systems. The Company has developed proprietary, auto-acquisition controller technology for rapid antenna pointing to a satellite with just the press of a button, enabling Broadband Internet via Satellite across a wide range of market applications worldwide, including regions unserved or underserved by terrestrial access technologies.


Shaanxi Probecom Microwave Technology Co.,LTD, was founded in 2002. Probecom is top leading satellite antenna designer and manufacturer of variety of satellite communication products, such as Earth Station Antenna, VSAT Antenna, Portable Flyaway Antenna, SNG Antenna, On-the-Move Antenna, Remote Sensing & Telemetry Antenna, Meteorological Radars, Power Amplifiers, Microwave Components, Antenna Control & Tracking System and related customized products.


Dolph Microwave, founded in 2001 and previous state-owned factory, R&D manufactures, integrates and tests & debugs of Microwave components and satcom accessories. Product line includes Standard Waveguide Components, Double Ridged Waveguide Components, Industrial Microwave Components, Feed Networks, Satcom Antenna and Customized product.

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